Tipping in Punta Cana: Part 1 

The world is full of people. Some are rich and never have to worry about the cost of anything, but most do not have a lot. I was one of those people just scraping by while working at a hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as an English-speaking tour salesperson with no other paying job. 

I loved my work though! The stories that come out of this place were always something whether it be family who had been coming back every year since their honeymoon or someone on a wild vacation spree for their bachelor party. I was blessed to get to help them all make memories they would cherish now and forever. But throughout my months working at Dreams Palm Beach, I came across the same question dozens of times. What is a proper tip and why Dominicans are not considered much for a tip after providing a service? So, I had to start looking into the matter and what I found out may surprise you. At first, it may seem as if we are out to hustle you but, we are just trying to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. We are islanders and by that, I mean that we are not a fully developed country. We have many flaws and are nowhere near perfection, especially in Punta Cana where there is no cultural heritage. But with all our flaws we have the smile. Oh, that magical smile that will make your heart melt. We also have our humility and our pride yes that is correct pride. If you have not met a proud Dominican, then you have not been here. 

 We are humble and happy people who without being taught how to do a certain job somehow manage to do it. Because one the biggest issue in the country is that hardly anyone that works in the tourism sector has a degree of any kind. Hardly any education and most astonishing is the fact that no one takes notice. And that no one has any type of training program available to the residents. So, we are on our own when it comes to learning, and believe me, nowadays the level of distraction is so high that it is almost impossible to get anyone interested in learning anything that would help them earn more money or provide a better service to the customer or be of more value to the company they work for. To all our friendly travelers you are safe when you arrive in our country for the most part because we have values and one of those is pride. 

Even though we have all the above-mentioned deficiencies I still would prefer our destination over many other Caribbean islands. There are plenty of reasons like all-inclusive, tropical weather all year round, white sand beaches, affordable prices and to top it all off a safe place to visit. We will post a second part where we will discuss what is a proper tip depending on the service being provided. Stay tuned!

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