The world is full of people. Some are rich and never have to worry about the cost of anything, but most don’t have a lot. I was one of those people- just scraping by while working at a hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as an English-speaking tour salesman with no other paying job.

I loved my work though! The stories that come out of this place were always something– whether it be some kind family who had been coming back every year since their honeymoon or someone on a wild vacation spree for their bachelor party– I was blessed to get to help them all make memories they’d cherish now and forever. But throughout my months working at Dreams Palm Beach, I came across the same question dozens of times. What is a proper tip and why are Dominicans so eager to be tipped without providing much of a service. So I had to start looking into the matter and what I found out may surprise you.

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