Why people are eager to travel.

It has been about a year and three months since I last saw our beaches without a tourist in sight. Our main destination Punta Cana and all the Dominican Republic have been open to travelers since July 1st of 2020. As these open for business months have passed by and we come across many travelers that have been able to get away for weeks or for a few days we share the same conversation. what is the state of the Dominican Republic and what is the situation back home where they come from? Usually, the conversation shifts more to our destination since people seem to feel at ease asking questions about a place that never in their lifetimes, they had thought that they would consider as a place to live. My answer is the following we have been affected just like every other town, city, or province but the death rate here and the infection rate has not been as severe as in other parts of the country. That part where the hotels have been open for the last year and have not shut down says a lot about how the pandemic evolves and affects us in Punta Cana. People have started to notice we have been getting tourists from all parts of the world. Limited numbers of course because not every country is allowing its citizens to travel. But if people were able to travel, they would be here by the thousands. When clients arrive, they are happy and enthusiastic about landing in a laid back warm happy country. Because even though we have been through this situation just like everyone else on earth we are happy. And have handled the situation in a graceful manner. Who had ever thought this about a third-world Country? that is what we have done kept our heads up behaved like first-world countries and receive all our lovely guests with that unforgettable smile. And we will keep on doing so because that is who we are. So, if you are looking for a great all-inclusive vacation look no further. The Dominican Republic is your destination. 

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