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I have been living in Punta Cana for the last four years and I love it what else can I say I love everything about it the weather the beaches how everyone here eventually ends up meeting one another and the prospect for future growth that it offers. I came to Punta Cana on a family vacation with my ex-wife my two kids also my mom back in 2012 we stood at the RIU Macao at the time. I instantly fell in love with the color of the water and how white and clean the sand was. I had a friend who is still here working for a parasailing company in the area and he was constantly calling and telling me about how rapidly the area was growing and why I should drop the restaurant business I had in Santiago and move here. I did not pay him any mind until late 2016 when I started to call him and ask him about job opportunities, he explained that since I spoke English very well that It shouldn’t be a problem finding a good-paying job, I made up my mind and on May 10th, 2017 I packed a small suitcase and made my way to what I now call home.

Traveling to Punta Cana for leisure is a completely different story about 80% of the hotels here are all-inclusive making up the bulk of travelers searching for great deals to come and enjoy tropical weather-friendly people and good service. There are some non-all-inclusive hotels also and we can’t forget to mention the ever-growing Airbnb market. It is very appealing for the all-inclusive traveler where all you have to do is buy the preferred package and pack your bags. The weather here is pleasant all year round we have summer-like temperatures throughout the year it does not drop below 65 degrees and that would be considered an extremely cool day and it probably happens a few times during December- February months.

Since we want to talk about living and working here let’s start by saying that it is not much different from living abroad maybe in Miami or Spain because you are always coming across people from different parts of the world. But it is very different from living in any other part of the Dominican Republic. Funny I said that but it is the truth Punta Cana is very diverse you have Spaniards, Mexicans, Canadians, and Russians amongst many other ethnic small communities and not to mention a large amount of Haitian and Venezuelan immigrants. The last two you will find across the country but the Europeans and North Americans’ have not gotten too comfortable moving to the places that have been inhabited for hundreds of years places like Santo Domingo, Santiago. That detail is key to why Punta Cana has been kind of colonized by foreigners literally everyone here is from some other part of the country or the world. Because there was nothing here but forests, mangroves, and coconut trees there were very few people living in this part of the country. Here we’re all immigrants to some degree if you ask a thousand people if they are from Punta Cana my guess is that about 95% of them will answer that they aren’t.

Work if you know two or more languages it is very easily obtained at one of the many hotels especially in the member clubs that most hotels offer. If you’re relocating from another country Starting a business is also a possibility but that subject, we will discuss in another story. The cost of living in Punta Cana is not cheap so you do need a good job or if retired you need a good pension buying a home can range anywhere from 95k to the seven digits. One important detail as to why everything is more expensive here than in other parts of the country is that everything that is consumed here needs to be transported from other parts of the country. and there is really very little price control here an apartment can also run anywhere from 40k to the 7 digits both depending on where you would like to live. Adapting to the lifestyle here isn’t so simple one is the language barrier for most and the other is that we need lots of improvements especially on infrastructure. The ones that do adapt more easily are the people from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and believe it or not Russia.

We are evolving slowly and hopefully, this government does what it promised it would do. I would like to write and contribute to this evolvement on this blog and help make things better for travelers and people looking to call Punta Cana home. I would also like to say on my first blog that you are also invited to share your story about Punta Cana or the Dominican Republic. I would gladly oversee the posts and if they meet certain criteria, I will post them on the blog. We want to hear the good things as much as we would like to hear the bad but most importantly is that we share it with the rest of the world. Hope you like and enjoyed reading the post we are going to be writing frequently about many subjects from traveling, working, and living here also about excursions and clients’ experiences while visiting us.

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