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People do not like asking questions and this is what we've mastered. We like details about our guests like how many kids and their ages, if any elderly, handicapped or pregnant women will be acompanying the group. Is it their first time visiting us or how many days will you be staying with us? Would you enjoy a full day tour or do you prefer to stay close to your hotel and do a short 3 hour tour? With the right information we can help you make a more informed decision of what activities to consider. In some cases we would even advise our clients that they're here for such a short time and are staying at a very good hotel that they are better off spending their vacation at the hotel. This and a few other facts about what we do makes all the difference in the world! After all I believe that our main focus should not be the money it is the satisfaction to know that you are well informed. We want you to have the best time while you are here with us and take back home some very special memories.

When the time is right we'll be here waiting.

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